#MeToo (Part One)

It was in putting all of that into words, that I realized the truth of it all. The memories I couldn’t grab hold of were memories of memories of memories of feelings I had when I was too young to verbalize what was happening to me. … More #MeToo (Part One)


A Lesson in Trust

Moe and Curly found their way to me a few years ago, just after we moved into a new neighborhood in Central Florida. I didn’t know what they were; just tall birds which made lots of noise. A bit of research later, I knew that they were Sand Hill Cranes. I’d never even heard of them, … More A Lesson in Trust

An Anole’s Legacy

I’ve been angry at my brother for a few years. I don’t know how we came to be so distant. It’s not just the geographical distance, because he isn’t even close to our sister, who lives only a few miles from him. It’s something else. I don’t think I could honestly say that he and … More An Anole’s Legacy

Better Things

My son was a happy little boy, once. Never certain what being a child meant, his vocabulary by age two was extensive, matched only by his curiosity. Secure with the place he held in his little world, he knew he was the center of my universe. Circumstances intervened. At the age of seven, he was … More Better Things

A Saturday Rosebud

Six weeks ago, we were living in a rented one-bedroom one-bath condo in need of repairs. We’d moved in on a mid-summer Saturday after the landlord told us the repairs would be done “as soon as my guy gets back from Columbia.” Apparently, he never returned, and our requests for the repairs to be done … More A Saturday Rosebud